Pink and Green Colourblock Tee

 This happy little fellow has been asking for this t-shirt for weeks!

I finally relented and made it for him during Kids Clothes Week last week!

I used the Fishsticks Designs Charlie Tee pattern, and colourblocked the pink cotton jersey with green for the front … … while the back is plain green. The neckband is grey ribbing. The topstitching around the neck is green and matched to the fabric underneath everywhere else. W looks every happy with the finished product 🙂

Modern QAL – June Block


I was a bit late joining the Modern Blocks QAL, so that it was already the end on May before I started my first block and the second block was being released. This meant that I completed a block two nights running!

This month’s block is called Spool because it’s meant to look like a cotton reel/spool. The tutorial was posted over on The Crafty Mummy.

It was soo much easier than the May block. I enjoyed making it because I had a much better idea of what I was doing and knew it would turn out OK. It consisted of making 5 rows and then sewing all the rows together – all straight lines and no diagonals!

I’m using these spotty fabrics with a white background so I decided to choose some different colours of it this month and went with grey for the main block and yellow for the two ends.

It turned out quite well. Here is my finished block:

You can see all the other blocks that people have created over on the Modern QAL Block 2 Linky Party.

I wonder what my July block will look like?!

Modern QAL – May Block


I can’t resist a sew-along, and especially not one that has competitions and prizes along the way, so I’ve signed up to do the Modern Blocks Quilt- Along (QAL) over on And Sew We Craft!

The plan is to make one block a month to put together to make a quilt, so by this time next year we’ll have 12 blocks. The blocks are all taken from this book:

There’s a tutorial for the block each month but we were also recommended to get ourselves a copy of the book. Being somewhat impulsive and impatient I wanted it NOW and didn’t want to wait a few weeks for it to arrive from overseas so I opted to get the kindle version! (If you click the book above you can actually see several of the blocks using the ‘Click to look inside’ feature if you fancy checking some of the blocks out) It is also available as a kindle version from the site.

This month’s block is called Follow the Leader. The tutorial is here. It’s a very pretty looking block, but when I first looked at it my initial reaction was ‘it looks a bit hard!’

In reality though, taking it one step at a time, it was perfectly do-able. You make lots of rectangly triangle pieces called geese and then position them so it looks like they’re flying in a circle following one another.

I’ve decided to use some multicoloured spotty material that I have as a jelly roll and FQ pack to make my blocks with white as the background. This month I’m using the red, blue, green and purple to make my geese.

Here is my finished block:

You can see all the other blocks that people have made by visiting the Block One Linky Party page.


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Quilted Mat Sew-Along



This week I took part in the quilted mat sew-along hosted by Sew Delicious. The mat was split into three tutorials, with one posted Monday, one on Wednesday and one on Friday. I really liked having it split into the three parts as it meant I could actually keep up and by the end of Friday my mat was finished.

I decided I was going to use all materials that were already in my cupboard to make this project which made it a good stashbuster. I chose to go spotty and used this selection of polka dot fat quarters that I bought some time last year. I’ve used bits of them for other projects but since the squares were only 5 inches each and I used just 2 of each colour, I didn’t need too much of each one.I was really pleased with my mat after the first tutorial, when all the top was sewn as my lines were nice and straight 🙂 I’d spent a long time measuring and matching corners, so was happy that my hard work had paid off. The second step was the quilting which was nice and easy using my walking foot. It’s the first time I’ve quilted anything!Finally came the binding. I made my own, using of course another colour of polka dot fabric – purple! I’ve also never binded anything before, and this was the bit I was most nervous about. I joined my strips (because even though the mat is small, as I was using FQs I had several strips to join) on the diagonal, and found examples online of fastening the beginning and end together the same way, making it hard to tell now it’s finished where it was I began. The back of my mat is navy polka dots. If I look at the back for too long it makes my eyes go funny like one of those optical illusions!It’s just the right size for sitting under my sewing machine. I love it because it’s bright and cheerful, and I’m so pleased with how it turned out.

I even asked my little monster what he thought of Mummy’s spotty mat.

His response: “Wow!”

Good answer little man. Good answer.

KCW make #2: PJ Bottoms


The second of my Kids Clothes Week makes was a pair of pyjama bottoms.

I was testing this pattern for a friend who designed it. It is available for free on her blog Sew Jereli in sizes 18 months-5 years.

I made mine in dinosaur print flannelette. They were lovely and quick to make, and I managed to make them from cutting out the pattern to finishing sewing in an afternoon.

As you can see, they’re well-liked – it’s nice to have an enthusiastic model! 🙂

KCW make #1: Baby Dress



Last week was Kids Clothes Week. I didn’t manage an hour of sewing every day but did more on some days so probably averaged an hour a day over the week. I knew that I wouldn’t get everything finished that I wanted to make but I did finish two items and make a start on two others (that will get finished eventually!)

My first make was a baby dress. I figured if I started with the smallest item on the list I was sure to at least finish something! This dress is a size 0-3 months and is made from a tie dye Diva pattern. I used this pink elephant fabric that was left over from making something else and so has been hanging about in the cupboard for a long time. It is lined in plain pink cotton and has pink snaps on the shoulder pieces for fastening.

I think it looks very cute!

I made a top!

I may have been cutting it a little close finishing the day before the Spring Top Sewalong on Made By Rae ends, but I did it! I made a top – hooray!

As I said in my previous post, technically it’s an Autumn top, because it’s getting on for winter, but actually it looks quite spring-like with it’s pink and flowers, so I’ll just go along and call it a Spring top!

Some time last year I picked up some fabric that looked like it would be the kind used to make clothes from the clearance table at Spotlight (i.e it was nice and cheap!) I bought it with the idea of trying out making something for me in mind, testing out some patterns before making some nicer things in more expensive fabric.

I used the Meghan Peasant pdf pattern from Sis Boom, choosing the top version rather than the dress. The pattern was pretty easy to follow, with lots of pictures to show you what to do.

Having never made a top before I didn’t really know what to expect. I got to this point, convinced that it was a total disaster and the only person it would ever fit would be a three headed ogre (the adult coathanger above it gives you an idea of size): A few pieces of elastic later however, and it actually resembled a top! Moreover, it even fits!!I am tempted to make another now that I know it fits, but in plain, dark colour. I shall wear this one, even is it’s only round the house, because I made it 🙂

I learnt lots making my top, mainly how not to make it!

  • thin fabrics are not as nice to sew with as normal cotton and thicker fabrics
  • make sure you check you’ve caught the fabric in all your seams, as thinking you’ve finished and then finding a hole = disappointing!
  • cutting a straight line across a piece of fabric = almost impossible (although I think this one might just be me)
  • folding and pressing curved seams and hems is very time consuming!
  • do not accidently sew the front and back of your top together when sewing a seam – this leads to lots of unpicking

Hopefully the next top I make will be even better!

Spring Top Sewalong

Thought it was about time I sew-ed something for me! So I’m taking part in the Spring Autumn Top Sewalong from Made by Rae.

Sew a top for you, by you, this Spring (or Autumn, in the case of this side of the world)!

Now for the all important question: What to make? Time to raid the fabric cupboard and ponder over my pattern folders on the computer to find something to make before the sewalong ends on 19 April 🙂