I made a top!

I may have been cutting it a little close finishing the day before the Spring Top Sewalong on Made By Rae ends, but I did it! I made a top – hooray!

As I said in my previous post, technically it’s an Autumn top, because it’s getting on for winter, but actually it looks quite spring-like with it’s pink and flowers, so I’ll just go along and call it a Spring top!

Some time last year I picked up some fabric that looked like it would be the kind used to make clothes from the clearance table at Spotlight (i.e it was nice and cheap!) I bought it with the idea of trying out making something for me in mind, testing out some patterns before making some nicer things in more expensive fabric.

I used the Meghan Peasant pdf pattern from Sis Boom, choosing the top version rather than the dress. The pattern was pretty easy to follow, with lots of pictures to show you what to do.

Having never made a top before I didn’t really know what to expect. I got to this point, convinced that it was a total disaster and the only person it would ever fit would be a three headed ogre (the adult coathanger above it gives you an idea of size): A few pieces of elastic later however, and it actually resembled a top! Moreover, it even fits!!I am tempted to make another now that I know it fits, but in plain, dark colour. I shall wear this one, even is it’s only round the house, because I made it 🙂

I learnt lots making my top, mainly how not to make it!

  • thin fabrics are not as nice to sew with as normal cotton and thicker fabrics
  • make sure you check you’ve caught the fabric in all your seams, as thinking you’ve finished and then finding a hole = disappointing!
  • cutting a straight line across a piece of fabric = almost impossible (although I think this one might just be me)
  • folding and pressing curved seams and hems is very time consuming!
  • do not accidently sew the front and back of your top together when sewing a seam – this leads to lots of unpicking

Hopefully the next top I make will be even better!

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