PVA Glue Fun!

Today I had my first bash at blocking, which I'm told is the art of turning your wibbly wobbly crooked stuff into the shape it's meant to be – a kind of "you will be this shape whether you like it or not" technique.

The project I'm blocking is going to be a present for Mother's Day, so I'm keen to get it finished and in the post asap. It's going to be a Happy Flower Decoration, and I used this tutorial from Attic24 to make it. So I set about with a towel and some pins straightening the once curly and cactus looking thing into a nice straight flower and stem with leaves.


Next came the fun part – PVA glue! In true Art Attack/Mister Maker stylee, no homemade project is complete without PVA glue and it's abilitly to stiffen/coat/ dry clear. I went out to the shops this morning especially to get some. I should perhaps have continued reading the instructions a bit further and noted I was also meant to have a paintbrush – but oh well, I wasn't putting it off any longer so the nozzle on the glue bottle and my fingers would just have to do!



Now I just have to wait until the glue drys!

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