Another Mini Quilt!

I made this using a pattern tutorial called Beach Boxes by She Quilts A Lot. It is one of several mini patterns on the Marti Michell mini quilt blog hop.

The pattern uses templates from set B, one of the template sets I was using to make blocks from the Farmer’s Wife quilt book. However I used the matching templates from set A, the same shapes but a bit smaller, which just makes the whole thing a little smaller overall.

I took this picture of the boathouses next to the canal not far from where we live.

I decided to base my mini on these, so picked colours to match and made rows of four, leaving one blank space on each row as the original pattern had five.

I quilted around the inside of each boathouse in a matching colour thread and around the border too. It looks quite simple but I think it’s a good representation of the local boathouses 🙂



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