Ninja Turtle Hat

I like this hat! It turned out really well.

I didn’t follow a specific pattern to make this hat. I used a basic hat pattern for the green, then guessed how long I would need the orange to go around and tie at the back.

Originally I was going to crochet the eyes too, but decided that felt would give them a nice cartoony friendly look – and it was quicker as they are glued on!

I made this one for a friend’s child’s 3rd birthday 🙂

There’s lots of birthdays between now and Christmas, but this year I’m not making many/any Christmas presents so there’s not the usual mad rush to get things finished!

One thought on “Ninja Turtle Hat”

  1. I LOVE it! What child wouldn’t love that? There’s a wonderful series (up to 2 now, lol) by Arree Chung about a little girl who wants to be a Ninja. The first one is NINJA! and the second one is NINJA! Attack of the Clan! Just in case ninja is a theme with this child.

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