New Baby Teddy

My brother and sister-in-law have a new baby, so I wanted to make them a gift.

I bought a DMC teddy blanket in Hobbycraft, which had a bib made from aida fabric that you can cross stitch onto.

I wanted to stitch the baby’s name onto the teddy, so started by getting out my graph paper and a coloured pencil to work out how to fit it in and what size letters would work best.

Then I picked out a nice blue thread and stitched it on.

I hope they like it!

Crochet Beginnings …

So I've found myself for the past 4 months without a sewing machine. It's put me at something of a loss as to what to do of an evening once the boy's in bed.

I returned to cross stitch at the beginning – starting a kit to make a height chart. But my fingers were still twitchy for something else to do.

Next I turned to knitting and the started the jumper that I'd brought the wool and needles needed to make with me. I went out and bought some new (brightly coloured) wool and a pattern to make little creatures (which I'll show you in another post soon) and they were quite fun to make.

But everywhere I looked people were talking about crochet and showing off the things they'd made doing it – and I wanted to join in too. So the day after boxing day (and I mention the date because I've impressed myself with how far I've come in less than 2 months) I scoured YouTube for a video tutorial that I could understand and follow. I found it in the shape of a series of beginners videos made by Bethintx1. I've since recommended these to everyone I've met who's still looking to learn. They are seriously fab and the only way I've managed to learn, even after reading instructions in books and magazines and even my Mum trying to show me how it was done.

So these were my beginnings. I started small with squares and then hexagons (thanks to the great tutorial from Attic24)


And they led me on to joining in with the Leap Year Blanket, and Sky Blanket – but I'll show you those another day 🙂