12 Days of Christmas Charity Hats

This year was my third year of taking part in the annual 12 days of Christmas charity hat challenge – making 12 premature baby hats in 12 days to donate to charity.

We were given lots of different patterns to choose from to make our hats, but one in particular appealed to me, so I used the same pattern for all my hats.

I chose a range of colours to make my hats in. Each one should fit a baby weighing around 3-5lb.

They are being sent to a local charity who will send them to hospital baby units where they are needed.

Frankenstein Hat

I haven’t done much crafting lately at all. I did, however, make this Frankenstein crochet hat for Halloween.

I hadn’t planned to make it at all. But on the Monday lunchtime I was accepted into a private Facebook group for the baby group I attend on a Tuesday afternoon, and the top post in the group was to inform us that the following day was a Halloween party and fancy dress was encouraged.

Panic stations! We don’t have Halloween fancy dress at home. We don’t really celebrate Halloween usually. So what could I come up with in 24 hours that didn’t require a trip into town?

My first thought was a pumpkin. Orange sleepsuit, simple orange crochet hat. Easy! Until I discover that I don’t in fact own any orange yarn. Pretty much any other colour you like, but not orange!

So I trawled Halloween hat patterns on the internet and came up with this:

The pattern is from Simply 2 Irresistible on etsy. It was quite easy to follow and make, and I think I finished with about an hour to spare on Tuesday! I could probably have done with making a size larger though, as it’s quite a snug fit.

And just for the ‘ahhh’ factor, here are some photos of the hat in action.

My little monster:

Halloween parties are such hard work!

Baby Hat

It’s probably about time that I caught up and posted photos of the things I’ve made in the last 6 months. There’s not too many, but there are a few that have been sitting waiting for a while to be shown.

I made this hat back in January, for a friend who was expecting a baby.

She didn’t know if she was expecting a boy or a girl, so I decided to stick to plain white. I used the same pattern as I had made for several of the Christmas hats I’d made, but omitted the corkscrews and replaced them instead with a pompom on top.

Tardis Hat

We’re back in the UK and it’s a bit chilly!

W has an owl hat I made him, but since it’s a year or so old his head has grown and he needed one a little bigger.

What better for a mini Dr Who fan than a TARDIS hat?!

Even more impressive – I didn’t use a pattern!

I searched online for a pattern, and did find a couple, but not one that I liked enough to buy. So since I’ve made enough hats to know how to make the basic shape, and done enough colour work to know how to change colours I though I might as well just make it without one!

This is the first hat I’ve made in aran yarn, usually I use DK, and it makes it a bit bigger without having to add in extra increases.

There are two sets of windows on the front and the same on the back. The words ‘POLICE BOX’ are only on the front. Really they should be on both, but letters are a pain to do and at least he’ll be able to tell which way round it goes with it like this! There is a white pom pom on the top for the flashing light.

He seems happy with it, he even let me take a few photos of him trying it on!