Tardis Hat

We’re back in the UK and it’s a bit chilly!

W has an owl hat I made him, but since it’s a year or so old his head has grown and he needed one a little bigger.

What better for a mini Dr Who fan than a TARDIS hat?!

Even more impressive – I didn’t use a pattern!

I searched online for a pattern, and did find a couple, but not one that I liked enough to buy. So since I’ve made enough hats to know how to make the basic shape, and done enough colour work to know how to change colours I though I might as well just make it without one!

This is the first hat I’ve made in aran yarn, usually I use DK, and it makes it a bit bigger without having to add in extra increases.

There are two sets of windows on the front and the same on the back. The words ‘POLICE BOX’ are only on the front. Really they should be on both, but letters are a pain to do and at least he’ll be able to tell which way round it goes with it like this! There is a white pom pom on the top for the flashing light.

He seems happy with it, he even let me take a few photos of him trying it on!

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