Modern QAL – January Block


It’s January! And there’s only four months of the Modern Blocks QAL left!

So everyone who knows me will know that I can’t possibly have made made my block this month. Living in a house with no table/chair/desk and with my sewing machine and all my fabric in a box ready to start its 10,000 mile journey to a new home I’d need some superhuman powers to have made it in the last two days!!

But when I made last month’s block, suspecting that this might be a possibility, I got ahead. So actually I made all the rest of my blocks, since there was only four, which is cheating a little bit, but now I can still link up when everyone else does – yay!

All of the blocks for the QAL come from this book:


This month’s block is called Everything Equal, and Alyce’s tutorial can be found on Blossom Heart Quilts’ blog.

I looked at all the colours in the fabric I’m using for my blocks, and couldn’t resist making it a rainbow!

I think it looks really pretty!


You can see all the other blocks that people have made over on And Sew We Craft 🙂


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