Superhero Doll Carrier

How do superheros carry their toys around?

Why in a superhero back carrier of course!

Hopeful Threads

I’m taking part in the September Sew Along with Create H.O.P.E Designs.

CHD sells a wide selection of patterns for $5 each, with all money raised going to charity.

I chose the AVIVI Doll carrier pattern, as W had commented not so long ago about wanting a piggyback carrier just like the one Mummy uses for him (I have an Ergo).

He has been wearing his superhero t-shirts and capes as often as he can recently, and playing with the superhero toy I made him for Christmas, so a superhero carrier was just the thing he needed!

The front of the carrier is made from the same superhero flannel as his doll is made from … … and the inside is leftover black drill from his suit jacket and trousers. There is a heart shaped harness on the inside to hold the toy in. The straps are elastic with velcro to fasten them. Superhero doll has already been for a trip out in his new carrier, and I’m told he really enjoyed it!

There was even a piggyback on a piggyback 🙂


Sock Monkey

I recently entered a sock monkey competition.

My socks were stripy green and white ones. I also had another pair of socks so I decided to use them to make some accessories for my monkey – a skirt (kind of like a miniskirt) and a headband which I added a crochet flower to. The eyes are made from felt and attached with fabric glue rather than sewing in place.

Here is my finished monkey with my other little monkey who insisted on being in the picture!

TSL Dolly Drive 2013

Back at the beginning of February I posted a photo of the mushroom rattles I made for the Dolly Drive (in this post here)

The Dolly Drive finished this weekend, and the final tally will go up on Tuesday (due to the Easter holiday weekend when there’s no post). But we already know that the target of 1000 toys has been exceeded, so that’s over 1000 poorly children around the country who’ll receive a gift to help brighten their days in hospital – isn’t that wonderful.

I made one more item to send in the last week of the Dolly Drive. A bedtime baby doll from the Funky Friends Factory pattern that Pauline kindly offered for free to those who wished to use it to make toys for the drive.

I made it using some dinosaur flannelette and pink cotton. I used the photo tutorial on the FFF website to follow the pattern which was really helpful.

This is my finished baby dolly:

TSL Dolly Drive 2013

In the three months from January to March the Dolly Drive is hoping to collect 1000 handmade soft toys to distribute to children’s hospitals around Australia.

These are my contribution to their collection. They are Mushroom Rattles, made from a Dolls and Daydreams pattern. They have two little bells in the head of the mushroom and three ribbon roots attached to the bottom.

It’s a lovely easy pattern and was a great way to use up the odds and ends of some pieces of fabric I had.

I hope they brighten the days of some poorly children 🙂

Crocheting for Charity

After making the tiny baby hats for the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge, I decided to carry on making crochet items for charity. These are the things I made in January:

There’s lots of little tiny hats and little tiny shoes/booties, cocoons, … … a sewn NICU smock, mini minky ribbon comforters, more hats and booties, … …a crochet koala, some little trousers and even more hats and booties! I posted them all in a big box to the Australian Outback Baby Project on Wednesday 🙂

Superhero Doll

Finished just in timeNothing like leaving things til the last minute to make you get them done! This little fella was made start to finish on Christmas Eve. He’s made from the Dolls and Daydreams Superhero sewing pattern.

The pattern was pretty easy to follow, although wrestling the arms and legs inside to sew around the body was a bit tricky.

He can be just an ordinary boy …Just a boy…or you can add his reversible mask and cape …Reversible side 2 Reversible side 1…and he becomes a Superhero! He has yet to be named, but he was well received on Christmas Day 🙂Superhero side view Superhero


Christmas Elves

Father Christmas sent his elves to check we were being good! I made the Christmas Elves from the Funky Friends Factory.

They were quite a long time in the making. They started off way back near the start of December as piles of Christmas fabric and paper pattern pieces, and I hunted out the Christmas music to get in the mood for making them.Ready to startThere were surprisingly more pieces than I expected and it took most of the day to cut out the pieces (in duplicate to make two elves).All cut outIt was another couple of weeks before I got round to doing all the sewing and stuffing them, finishing them just in time for Christmas Eve.

Edward Elf:Edward Elf


Edwina Elf:Edwina Elf

Keeping an eye on us for Father Christmas 🙂Christmas Elves

Owls Galore!


I’ve been busy making more owls, production line stylee. I’ve had eyes, wings, hearts and toes galore piling up ready to be sewn on. These three are all done (just one for my niece left to finish off).

I do really like owls, but after the last one I think I’ll be glad not to have any more people to make one for! Although I’ve not left owls completely, just a different kind – see next post!

The links to the pattern are all in my original post here 🙂

Off to finish the next owl …