FAL Finish – Crochet Basket with Lid

I decided to have a break from the sewing machine last night and picked something out of my WIP box to finish – this basket.

It is made with a thick t-shirt yarn called Boodles and the pattern was a free one that was on leaflets you could pick up in the shop.

I remembered quite quickly why this had been left half finished – it’s really hard going on the fingers working with such a thick yarn and big hook.

However, I kept going and now I’m pleased to say it’s finished! It’s much taller than I imagined it from the picture on the pattern, but I have a small person who’s very pleased with it and has already taken it to fill with Thunderbird toys!



This was number 10 on my FAL list for Q1. That makes this my fourth finish this quarter – much better than I thought I’d do!

FAL 2016

One thought on “FAL Finish – Crochet Basket with Lid”

  1. This one is a great idea for a child’s toys, good for you for finishing it off. Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.

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