Finish Along 2016 Q1 List

FAL 2016

In an attempt to empty my WIP box (which is a bit full!) I’m joining in with this year’s Finish Along.

I did something I don’t think I’ve ever done – I took absolutely everything out of the box in order to photograph it. There’s things hiding at the bottom that I’d almost forgotten about!

I’m going to put everything from the box on my list, which means it will be pretty long. I’m certainly not going to finish it all in the first quarter of the year, but hopefully by the end of the year the box will be looking a lot emptier.

  1. Top of the list is my carnival star quilt. This is the most likely of everything to actually get finished, because I’m planning on entering it into the The Quilting Show in Glasgow in March. I am about halfway through epp-ing the star and then it needs bordering, basting, quilting and binding.

2. I completed the quilt top for the Modern Blocks QAL, but that is as far as I got. It needs a back and then quilting and binding to finish it off.

3. I have a full set of blocks now from the Easy As ABC QAL. These need sashing to create a quilt top before finding a backing, quilting and binding.

4. Last year I made animal blocks in the Zoo Animals BOM. I have one animal left to make – the lion – and then it needs making up into a finished quilt.

5. Many moons ago I started this jelly roll quilt. It needs some borders to make it into a useable size. I also have matching fabric to piece a back before quilting and binding it.

6. This is the first quilting project I started, but it never got finished. I have four completed rows. I think there are two more to complete the top. The fabric is all bagged up ready to make them, and then this also needs a backing before quilting and binding.

7. This pack of material was bought several years ago to make a quilt for my son. I designed how it would look – which should still be on my computer. It would be nice to finally cut into this material and get the quilt made.

8. I collected 3 charm packs of Moda Sassy to make myself a charm square quilt. I don’t make many things for myself. This is another one that really needs to move from barely started to completed.

9. These squares are the beginnings of a Christmas blanket I started last year. With a bit of luck I might be able to finish it for this Christmas!

10. I began this crochet basket a year and a half ago, but never finished it. My son chose the colour and is still patiently waiting for it to be finished!

11. This crochet Iggle Piggle got half finished last year before I ran out of steam. He needs arms and his head finishing before sewing him all together.

12. I began this bag (which was the June bag from last year’s Bag Of The Month Club) last June, but when I didn’t finish it in time to take to FOQ it didn’t get finished at all. The outside is done, but it doesn’t have any of the pockets and zipped sections. It really needs finishing before the fabric frays too much to use.

13. I made a new backpack for my son at the start of the school year last August. Unfortunately we’ve discovered the drawback that it really isn’t waterproof and Scotland isn’t exactly a dry country! We chose some laminated fabric with a map print to make a second, hopefully more waterproof version, and have coordinating zips and webbing, but the bag has never gotten made. This could really do with being finished sooner rather than later!

14. These shorts have been sat on the side waiting to be cut out. The plan is for them to be gym shorts for my son. He’s currently wearing tracksuit bottoms, but will need these before the end of year competition.

15. These pieces are cut out ready to make a sun hat, and have been for about three years. The hat wouldn’t fit the eldest anymore, but if I finish it now it should be just right for the smallest!

16. I cut out the pattern pieces and some of the fabric for mittens before Christmas. It’s certainly the weather for them now, so finishing these would be good!

17. The final thing in the box is these half finished luggage tags. These would make a good gift for someone this year if they finally got finished.


17 things on my list! I wonder how many I’ll be able to cross off, how many will be a bit nearer completion and how many more there’ll be to add in three months time 🙂

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