Teacher Gifts – Drawstring Bags

Today is the last day of term before Christmas, so W is taking in presents for his teachers at school.

I went with something simple this year – little drawstring bags, and inside some homemade mint chocolate fudge.

The drawstring bags were really simple to make. I had a fat quarter of two different fabrics, and each one made two bags, giving the four bags I needed in total. I like the pattern on this fabric as it doesn’t have a direction, so I could make them with a single piece rather than having to cut it and rejoin it at the bottom seam.

I made them by cutting a rectangle, hemming the edges, and then folding and stitching up the sides to create the bag – this way there are no edges to fray on the inside.

I created a channel around the top and used some thin ribbon for the drawstring.

The bags are a nice little size. I can imagine me making some more of these and filling them with different things to give as birthday presents next year!


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