Frankenstein Hat

I haven’t done much crafting lately at all. I did, however, make this Frankenstein crochet hat for Halloween.

I hadn’t planned to make it at all. But on the Monday lunchtime I was accepted into a private Facebook group for the baby group I attend on a Tuesday afternoon, and the top post in the group was to inform us that the following day was a Halloween party and fancy dress was encouraged.

Panic stations! We don’t have Halloween fancy dress at home. We don’t really celebrate Halloween usually. So what could I come up with in 24 hours that didn’t require a trip into town?

My first thought was a pumpkin. Orange sleepsuit, simple orange crochet hat. Easy! Until I discover that I don’t in fact own any orange yarn. Pretty much any other colour you like, but not orange!

So I trawled Halloween hat patterns on the internet and came up with this:

The pattern is from Simply 2 Irresistible on etsy. It was quite easy to follow and make, and I think I finished with about an hour to spare on Tuesday! I could probably have done with making a size larger though, as it’s quite a snug fit.

And just for the ‘ahhh’ factor, here are some photos of the hat in action.

My little monster:

Halloween parties are such hard work!

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