Adult v-neck t-shirt v2

The final Christmas present 2013 post!

After the t-shirt I made turned out too small, I went back and cut out the size large pieces instead. I used the same Charlie Tee pattern by Fishsticks Designs, and again drew on a v-neck, rather than the original rounded neck. I followed the instructions from the children’s v-neck pattern I have, and stay stitched the v before adding the neckband on. I’ve never done that before as I didn’t really see what difference it would make, and it means changing the double needle to a single and back again, but actually it does make the v much flatter! So perhaps following the pattern properly is a good idea after all! Look at those stripes! I was so proud of these – they match up perfectly!

It turned out really well, and was even better as once finished I didn’t have any Christmas presents left to make! 🙂

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