Stars and Stripes V-Neck

I have been doing some more sewing this week from the Sew Fab Pattern Bundle.

After the success of my first t-shirt I was tempted by the Vintage V-Neck by Blank Slate Patterns.I used the tips from the last t-shirt, of hemming before sewing, so you’re sewing a flat piece of material rather than a circle, which is definitely much easier.

The v-neck was the trickiest part as it took me several attempts to figure out how to position the ribbing so it would sit right. But after reading the instructions for about the ten millionth time and comparing what I had with the photos in the tutorial I finally got it right!

W chose the stars and stripes knit and has been patiently awaiting his completed t-shirt! He says it’s ‘very soft’ so I guess it must be comfy!

If you’re quick you have a little over 10 hours to get this pattern along with 25 others as part of the Sew Fab Sale. (sale finishes Tuesday 8am US EST/ 12pm UK/ 11pm AEDT)

The pattern can also be found on the Blank Slate Patterns website, where for this next week they are donating 50% of profits to the Komen Foundation for breast cancer research and services.


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