Craft Tote Bag

Last week I finished this bag for my friend Chrissy:

It is made from this tutorial on a blog called 2 Little Hooligans.

The floral fabric you might recognise as being the leftover pieces from when I made this bag for my mother-in-law last year. And the purple might have been from that project too. It is a mixture of the two because there were only small pieces of each one left. The sides and pockets all contain iron-on interfacing instead of the fleece and flannel recommended in the tutorial – I don’t think my sewing machine could have coped with the thickness of all the layers if I’d used anything thicker!

 One end has lots of smaller pockets to fit things like scissors, knitting needles and the like. And the two long sides both have one big pocket each. I made the bias to go on the top of the pockets and around the top of the bag. I was impressed with how well I’d done my measuring when it lined up perfectly along the sides 🙂 It’s a nice little bag – I might have to make one for myself!

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