Walking Foot Wonder!


I've heard people talking plenty about this thing called a walking foot, but I've never really understood what it did or thought seriously about getting one, until now.


Starting making quilts and listening to others talking about how they're going to quilt the tops of theirs made me start looking at what my sewing machine feet are really all for. I had a good play on the machine trying them all out along with all the different stitches that it can do and then started browsing the internet to find out what other feet were out there. There I found a quilters pack of feet on ebay which I snapped up. It gave me 4 new feet, and one of them was the walking foot above.

I've been making some bunting (very slowly, I've had so many problems making it that it gets put to one side until I feel up to giving it another go!) and the latest problem was the tape along the top was not flat once it had been sewn on and looked generally rubbish. I decided to give it one more go, this time with the walking foot (it's first outing on the sewing machine) and could not believe the difference! Look how flat and proper it looks now:


I was about to say it's my new favourite foot, but I've also been playing with the one that does free motion which is rather cool too, so I'll have to go with 'I love my sewing machine'! 😀

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