Hook-Up Blanket

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, I’ve finished my blanket 🙂


I started this one for a charity project – Hook Up With The Crafty Bums.  You can read more about it on the Crafty Bums blog, or join in the chat and see photos of other blankets so far on the Hook Up Facebook page.

It was a good excuse to try out the crochet diagonal pattern I’d been given a link to. It’s on a French blog but translated into English here. It’s actually pretty easy once you get started as you’re doing the same thing over and over til you get to the middle and then decreasing the same over and over until you get to the end. The worst bit is towards the centre. The rows get really long and it gets really tedious, and it feels like it will never end. It’s a bit like a steam train chugging up a really steep hill and towards the top it goes so slowly it almost stops, but then when you reach the top it starts to go faster and faster until you get to the end!

Changing colour every row also leads to a lot of ends. A lot! So to save me sewing in millions of ends I was left with I chose to add a border instead that did the job for me.

I’m glad it’s finally finished and I’m looking forward to seeing it alongside all the other pretty blankets donated 🙂


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