Leap Year Blanket / Sky Blanket

Sky blanket

This is (one of) my current works in progress!

I am part of a group of people (not just ladies, there's a couple of men there too!), who have challenged themselves to make a square a day (knitting or crochet) to make a blanket. I also read about conceptual knitting here and wanted to try that too, but not knitting as I'm a very slow knitter! So I joined the two! I'm making a blanket, making a square a day, where each square represents the sky on that day.

The picture above shows the steps I do to make it. The little circles represent the temperature for the day – I've made several of these up ready to go. Then the bigger circles represent what the sky looked like on that day – blue, cloudy, grey etc – as you can see I'm a few days behind joining them all together! Then they're joined together so at the end of the year I'll have not only a blanket but a record of the year. Already I can look at it and point to a particular day that was especially hot/blue/grey and remember what happened then.

And below is a photo from 31st January 2012, when I'd just completed the first month! I'll add a picture each month so you can see how it's progressing, and so you can compare how similar/different your sky/weather is in your part of the world 🙂

Sky jan

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