Rainbow Star Blanket!

Yay, I've finished crocheting my first blanket!

I found this tutorial on YouTube to make a star blanket – YouTube is great for teaching you to do things as you can watch and follow, so much easier for a beginner than attempting to translate a pattern! The man made it seem so easy, so I found myself a rainbow of coloured wool and off I went!

And lo and behold, it was easy. It got harder as it got bigger, just because there were so many more stitches that you seemed to be hooking forever without seeming to get anywhere. But two weeks later and it's finished – hooray!!

I finished it off with a final round of fluffy furry wool in black – something I found for a bargain price in the shops on Monday. This was the most difficult part of the whole thing – I couldn't see what I was doing through the fluff, and working with black in the evening (lack of) light is really hard going, but I'm so glad I kept going because now it's finished it looks so good!.

So here it is, my finished rainbow star blanket, ready to keep my lap warm on chilly evenings 🙂

Star blanket

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