A Lovely Year of Finishes 2015 – September Plans

A Lovely Year of Finishes

The miniest one likes sheep. In particular he likes a bright orange t-towel with sheep facesĀ on that we have. We decided that it’s partly to do with the colour – he likes orange – and partly to do with the faces on it looking at him. But since a t-towel is not particularly cuddly or good for playing with I wanted to make him something that was, and decided on a cushion for his playpen that he can snuggle up on.

I had a look around for sheep patterns and came up with … not a lot!

None of them looked like what I had pictured making, so I decided I’d just make up my own pattern. How hard could it be, right!

I started by drawing the picture of what I wanted on squared paper to help work out the size of pieces.

And then I wrote the pattern for making what I had drawn out in full.

It took a couple of evenings to write out the whole thing, making notes on the number of pieces and different sizes so I knew how much fabric it would take.

I have to say I didn’t find it that hard once I’d figured out adding on seam allowances to everything. The sheep squares won’t end up a standard size – 8.75 inches square, and there are a few pieces that are very small (like counting in sixteenths of an inch small) which I’m not sure will be very easy to work with, but we’ll see.

My plan for this month is to actually make 3 of my sheep blocks and turn them into a cushion in time for the miniest one’s birthday (the 27th).

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  1. That’s a wonderful pattern! Thanks for showing the process steps you used to make it. I know this is going to be a terrific cushion and well-loved. You should publish it. =) I like seeing that you, too, are a paper and pencil designer. It’s the only way I can think well.

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