Christmas Stars

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This month’s crochet-along was stars, and Alycia wrote a great photo tutorial on how to make them.

I thought they’d make a great Christmas decoration, and made a set of 8 stars. They were very quick and easy. I made the whole thing in an evening. I chose red and green to make the stars so they’re nice and Christmassy, and a yellowy gold colour for the string to hold them all together, which is just a string of chain stitches that are slip stitched through the top of each star. When I had finished making my stars they were very curly, so I knew I would need to do something to them to keep them straight. I pinned them wrong side up to the ironing board and painted them with a water/pva glue mixture several times.

This morning they were dry and I unpinned them to find nice straight stars 🙂 The glue dries clear (although you can’t see it anyway as it’s on the back) and they’re nice and solid so they won’t curl again. The also have a bit more weight to them now which I think makes them hang nicely. Pretty Christmassy stars 🙂And since it’s 1st December, they’ll be joined later today by the Christmas tree!

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