The Christmas present that wasn’t to be!

I have two weeks to get all the Christmas presents made/bought and into the post!

So I made a start trying to make a zippy pencil case.

This photo makes it look really good, like it was easy! Ha! Well it wasn’t!

The first sewing machine needle hit a metal bit and snapped.

The second sewing machine needle hit another metal zip bit and bent.

And when I’d finally sewn all the zips together and onto the backing fabric (some black cotton with multicoloured stars), I trimmed all the threads, trimmed the seams, turned it right side out, and admired my nicely lined up zips… … and then I turned it over: Oh bum! I’ve sewn the fabric on wrong side out 🙁

I sat and thought about how this could be saved. Having trimmed all the seams, unpicking and resewing would be just too hard. I considered sewing something over the back to cover it up, but that would just look odd.

So in the end I decided it would have to be scrapped and something else would have to take its place.

“W, I have a present for you!” – poor child gets all the cast offs not good enough for gifts and all the practice items!

He says “I love it!” – he’s easily pleased!

He likes it because it has lots of zips, and when you open it up there’s stars!

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