January Crochet-Along

I’m a few days late as it’s already February! Whilst everyone else was linking up I was still not even half way, and then I got a little side-tracked sorting out my post for the Sew Fab Pattern Sale (which if you’ve just popped over from the crochet-along link up you should soo check out, even if it’s just to enter the givaway 🙂 ).

But finally, I’m done and have photos, so better late than never, here goes!

This month’s project was a pair of slippers and the project is from a blog called Goodknits.

I was tempted to go multi-coloured rainbow stripes like I did with my hat last month, but decided in the end that that would be a little OTT and to stick with the more traditional one colour with a contrasting trim.

They were actually a very quick make. From only having one foot half done when I should have been posting my finished slippers I managed to complete the rest in an evening.

I was also a bit hesitant to make footware, since I have quite wide feet that are apparently slightly larger than the average female, but after some time converting between international shoe sizes (it would be soo much easier if the world used one standard set of sizing for shoes, and clothes for that matter!) it seemed that the pattern ought to fit as it was written without me having to make any alterations to it.

So here they are, my finished slippers:  The buttons I went out and bought especially as although I have a large tub of buttons, finding two the same that matched my slippers didn’t seem possible!

The only thing I would change would be to add some non-slip stuff to the bottom, but since I would probably only where them when I’m sat down in the evening these are fine as they are for now 🙂

They even got the ultimate seal of approval: “I like your shoes Mummy!”

I’m looking forward to February’s crochet-along – it has a bit of a Valentine’s theme!



3 thoughts on “January Crochet-Along”

  1. See, look how nice and tidy yours are! And you have such lady like feet. Well done! On the slippers, I mean. You have no control over the ladyliness or otherwise of your feet. But well done anyway.

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