Lots of lovely fabric :-)

The problem with working on several big projects at the same time is that there's big chunks of time where you have nothing finished to show for it, which is the reason I've been very quiet on here of late. I still don't have a completely finished thing to show off, but I have finally got to the point where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, so will be back with some more finished makes soon!


In the meantime, I've had a week of parcel deliveries this week and have been looking at and photographing the lovely fabric that the postman has brought me. I'm trying my hand at quilt making and have bought a couple of jelly rolls (something I've never used before)

I have plans for 2 quilts. This is the first. The fabric is called Peak Hour by Robert Kaufman. I have a jelly roll, 8 FQs and some very strokable orange minky for this one.


And this is the second. The fabric is called Scoot by Robert Kaufman and I've got a jelly roll, 2 charm square packs and some lovely baby blue minky for this one.


Lots of lovely boy fabrics to make quilts for a lovely little boy!

Leap Year/ Sky Blanket – Mar 2012

I’m a little behind as we were away on holiday last weekend, but we’re now into April and over 1/4 way through the year.

After a few days working hard I’ve finished up to the end of March on my blanket 🙂


It’s starting to turn a little colder and the leaves on the ground are signalling that Autumn is here!

We’ll have to wait and see what the sky of April holds in store.

A few close-ups of March 🙂


Crafty Bums Quilt Along 2012 – Block 3


I've just finished my third block for the Crafty Bums Quilt Along 🙂

This one is called a disappearing nine square block because it's made from 9 squares (which I didn't believe when I first looked at it either!) The tutorial for making it is on the Crafty Bums blog here.

I think I probably need to work a bit on my measuring skills for seams as not all the pieces line up exactly, but hopefully that will come in time.

I've been much quicker making this one from the time it was released than the last ones. The downside to this is that I've now got a longer wait until the next one, but excitingly I think now I have 3 squares that that's a quarter of my quilt done!!

Hoot x2 – Hootabelle!!


She's finished – it's Hootabelle!

She was a bit more tricky than Hoot to do as she has more colours and stripey legs and a hairband with a butterfly. For most of her I used the same pattern as Hoot and just changed colours. Then I went on a butterfly hunt to find a butterfly pattern and found this one here, which took rather a few attempts to get right but I made it in the end 🙂


One last photo – the two of them together 🙂


Meet Hoot!


This is my creation of Hoot from ABC4Kids Giggle and Hoot!

Whilst we've found most children's TV in Australia to be the same as the UK, Giggle and Hoot were new to us and W has become a big Hoot fan!

I'm so pleased with how he turned out – he's great 🙂

I found the pattern for him on another blog here. It was actually finding this pattern online at the end of last year that made me say I'll have to have another go at crochet as I need to make it!

I've got another owl half made – I can't wait to see the two of them together!!

Crafty Bums Quilt Along 2012 – Block 2

Yippee, I've finished my second quilt block!

This is block 2 of the Crafty Bums Quilt Along.


It's pretty, isn't it. I've impressed even myself with how it's turned out. I had fears it wasn't going to end up the right size after doing the first few pieces as they stopped matching up in length, but after a bit of fiddling I got it back to square by the last piece 🙂

So I now have two quilt blocks!


And I'm looking forward to doing the third – but they're not letting on what that one will be just yet!

Miniature Easter Baskets

Having to post Easter gifts  for my nieces and nephew from overseas this year means they've got to be non-edible, so after much thinking and internet browsing I came across these to make – little baskets just big enough to fit a few little Easter eggs, and something they can play with with their dolls/dinosaurs after.


Aren't they pretty!

I've made them one each and one for W, all in their favourite colours.

Of course it wouldn't be right to photograph them without the eggs in (I'll send some money for eggs to refill them once they arrive), so I might have just had a mini Easter egg feast, maybe …

Leap Year/ Sky Blanket – Feb 2012


Today is the last day of February, and right on time I've finished my last square for the month!

It's so big, it took up nearly the whole width of the spare room floor to lay it out!

As you can see, the month started with some much colder days and there's been several days with thunder and lightning, show by the sparkly thread near the square centres – here's some close-ups to show it off better 🙂