Winter Hats For All!

Most of the adults in the family got hats as their Christmas present this year. I made nine hats in total, including the rainbow hat I made for my youngest niece.

The second hat I made was another rainbow hat, but this time in adult rather than baby size:

This one is a bright rainbow, a bit more manly than the pastels: 

This one is green and browns –  another manly one:

This one is in purples and white. I tried out thicker stripes for this one; they worked well:

And finally for this pattern I made two matching in blue and white stripes – Ipswich Town football colours:

The last two hats I made were novelty hats.

One was a minion:

And the other a red monster:

Everyone’ll be ready for a cold winter 🙂

Charity Baby Items

Last year I took part in the 12 Days of Christmas charity preemie hat challenge. This year I took part again. These are the twelve hats that I made. I chose just the one pattern and made each one in a different colour:

I made a set of nine newborn reversible crib shoes from the pattern by Peek-a-Boo Patterns:

And nine sets of preemie crochet booties:

They have all been sent to help the Australian Outback Baby Project.


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Baby Rainbow Hat

 I can cross one present off my Christmas list!

This rainbow hat will be for my youngest niece. The pattern is one I found on Etsy. It’s called Tutti Frutti designed by The Hat And I. I made the 6-12 month size.

It is a striped corkscrew hat – it is topped with a corkscrew of each colour stripe, giving it a pom pom effect. I hope she likes it 🙂



I’m linking up with Sew Cute on Blossom Heart Quilts:

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Crocheting for Charity

After making the tiny baby hats for the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge, I decided to carry on making crochet items for charity. These are the things I made in January:

There’s lots of little tiny hats and little tiny shoes/booties, cocoons, … … a sewn NICU smock, mini minky ribbon comforters, more hats and booties, … …a crochet koala, some little trousers and even more hats and booties! I posted them all in a big box to the Australian Outback Baby Project on Wednesday 🙂

December Crochet-Along

I’m taking part in the monthly Crochet-Along hosted at the The Curious Pug!

This month it’s the slouchie beanie from Little Things Blogged. I didn’t get started right at the beginning of the month, partly because making wooly hats when it’s midsummer and 38 degrees celsius outside just feels wrong, but mainly because I only just finished making all he crafty bits for Christmas on Christmas Eve!

Christmas Day arrived, and with it grey skies, lots of rain and a need for jumpers, socks and wellies (obviously to stop us missing the UK climate!) Perfect time to make a hat then!

I struggled to decide on a colour to use, so decided to use all of them instead – stripes 🙂

I was impressed at how quick it was to make, by lunchtime on boxing day it was done!

If I had time before the end of the month I would make one of these crochet mannequins like Alycia has on her shop – such a cool idea, then I wouldn’t have to model it myself for photos!!

Here is my finished stripey hat 🙂

Slouchie Beanie Pretty stripes


12 Days of Christmas Charity Challenge

I was looking to join a crochet-along (CAL) and then several came along at once!

The 12 Days of Christmas Charity Challenge was run on Facebook by Sunset Crochet. The idea was to make one little hat each day for twelve days and donate them to your local hospital for the premature babies born and staying in NICU over Christmas. Around the world over 1,500 people signed up to make hats, enough for over 18,000 babies. We were given a set of patterns that had been donated by various designers to choose from to make the hats.

I managed to keep up with making one a day, and at the end of twelve days these were my hats:Preemie Hats

I don’t know much about the hospitals here so I searched online and came across the charity Miracle Babies who work with families of premature babies all around the country. They accept donations on behalf of hospitals of knitted/crocheted/sewn items which they pass on to whichever hospital needs them. So I parcelled them up on Monday and posted them.

Then today (Thursday) I received this:Certificate of appreciationThey sent me a certificate for sending them a donation! I wasn’t expecting that, but that’s really nice. I’m going to make them some more things next year 🙂


Hats for Christmas!

I need to get a move on to finish all the handmade Christmas presents.

Twice this week I’ve wrapped things up and then remembered I hadn’t taken photos of the things first – doh!

It is soo not the weather to be making hats at the moment, but I’ve finished all three of them – yay!! The patterns are all from etsy (here and here).

First we have another Hootabelle hat…

Second we have a Patchy Puppy hat …

And lastly we have a Hello Kitty hat …

I’ve been making them in between other bits and pieces so they seem to have taken ages to finish. Here they are all together ready to be wrapped and labelled and posted for Christmas 🙂

Hootabelle Hat!

Still an owl, but in a different form, I’ve made a crochet Hootabelle hat 🙂


I’ve never made a hat before but always liked the style of these owly ones, so just picked the colours to match our favourite TV owl friend Hootabelle!

The pattern I bought from etsy from the Inner Hooker. It was pretty easy to follow and I’m pleased with how it turned out 🙂

Now to decide what colour to make one for W …