Iggle Piggle

Last year I made my niece Upsy Daisy for her first birthday.

This year she’s two, but she still loves In The Night Garden and her Upsy Daisy, so my sister asked if I could make an Iggle Piggle to go with it.

I bought the set of ITNG patterns last year from an etsy shop based in Finland called Fjukten , suspecting that I may want the other characters at some point, and so Iggle Piggle was made.

He even has his red blanket (firmly sewn to his hand so he can’t lose it, something which his TV counterpart seems prone to doing!)

I like these patterns as they’re easy to follow and come out looking really good.

I used the same brand of yarn to make Iggle Piggle as I did Upsy Daisy – Rico Design Creative Cotton Aran – except this time I only needed two colours – red and blue! The eyes are made from black fleece on white felt, and the mouth is a small piece of black yarn.

There’s now also a small person in my house that likes In The Night Garden too, so I doubt this will be the last Iggle Piggle I make!



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3 thoughts on “Iggle Piggle”

  1. Your Iggle Piggle is just too cute! What a great aunty you are!

    Thanks for linking up with And Sew We Craft Together and support ASWC x

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