Crochet Owl Bag

So having learnt to make squares and hexagons, I want to actually make 'something' – a thing with a purpose.

Etsy is a very dangerous place to visit when you've learnt a new skill and you're looking for patterns to follow using it! Patterns just seem to jump into your basket, and then you pay with paypal (which doesn't count as real money, right?) and before you know it you have enough patterns to last you a decade or two!

This bag though really did jump out at me, begging to be made. And it turned out just great. The pattern had so many pictures to demonstrate the steps that it was just right for a beginner like me. The pattern I used can be found on Etsy and was made by ZoomYummy.

So here it is, my first proper crochet make – an owl bag 🙂


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